Services Offered by a Business Telephone System – In a Nutshell


A business telephone system is essentially an advanced calling network designed for organizations of every size. By choosing this particular system, any organization will have access to several services and features. Before getting into the features, it will be better to know and understand that the business telephone systems in Philadelphia are designed to handle the complex calling needs of a business. By choosing one such option for your business, you will have access to the following services:

Access to Multiple Lines –

This is the features which will allow multiple phone lines to run through the same unit. The operator will be able to take each call individually or send them to voicemail according to the requirement. The system is fairly basic, which means most of the small and medium-sized businesses in the market will be able to afford and handle them. For larger organizations though, a more complex and powerful phone system will be required. Both of these systems will allow you to handle both local lines and toll-free numbers. Before the business phone installation though it will be better to check how many lines it supports. This will help with the scaling and decision-making process as required.

Access to Voicemails –

Under this feature, you will be able to put a call to voice mail and record the message. This is extremely efficient and effective when there is no one to attend the calls. For instance, if the operator is not there, and you are also absent from the office, voicemail will allow you to store messages given by a caller and retrieve them at your convenience. So, if someone calls and does not get to speak to the intended person, it will be possible to record the call and listen to it later.

Access to Automated Features –

Research has proven that several businesses lose a lot of clients because of missed calls. If someone is calling and there is no one to attend the call, the potential customer will be disappointed. An unattended call also shows a certain level of disinterest on the business’s part. With a business phone system, you can have access to automated features like auto attendant answering a call and then transferring it to the appropriate extension. When no one is present, the attendant can inform the caller and urge him/her to leave a voicemail. These features can impress a potential client and bring you more business.

Access to Conference Calling –

Arranging a meeting for remote workers can be a complicated thing, especially if the number of employees is more than one. Getting everyone in a single call and discussing a topic will prove tough. This is why; business telephone system comes with the conference calling facility. This feature allows you to call and talk to multiple employees at the same time. Make the meeting convenient and successful.

Access to On-hold Music or Message –

If a call needs to be on hold for a certain amount of time, it is better to keep the irritation of the caller at bay. One of the best ways of doing so is through on-hold music or a message. This way, the caller will know that they have called an active line and can try later.

These are the services you get to enjoy from a business telephone system and Zcomputers Services will be able to help with that.

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