Biggest Computer Repair Myths Busted

Zcomputers, January 21, 2020


With the rapid growth in the world of technology, advanced computer systems have made their way to the contemporary market. In the age of digitalization, laptops and computers can perform things in such ways human beings could not imagine until now. Despite the advancement in the technology field, myths are still there about PC repair in Philadelphia.

Being a professional computer repair service provider, at Zcompters, we have in-depth knowledge of repairing computer systems. We know that there are certain myths spreading at the rate of fire, which are needed to be busted.

Here are the Most Heard Myths about Computer Repair:

Viruses and Malware are the Culprits of the Broken Computer System

People think that malware and sudden virus attack is the main source of why PCs fail to work. However, it is not completely true. Modern-day viruses and malware are so much advanced and do not have a negative impact on a computer’s performance. Sometimes, it is possible that your PC is not working properly, it can be infected still by malware but not virus attack.

Draining the Battery Before Charging      

In the modern age of technology, every device is built keeping high performance in mind. From computers, laptops to mobile devices, everything uses lithium-ion battery these days. Suck kind of battery is not meant to need to have drained completely before recharging.

Spontaneous Updates Set Out a Risky Situation for a Computer

Well, it is not true! These days, people want to ignore automatic updates, ending up blocking these updates. In fact, blocking automatic system updates can be riskier as those updates are meant to assist you with dangerous security flaws.

Antivirus Software will Keep Your Computer from Damage

This is the biggest misconception most people still tend to believe. Not always an antivirus program can protect the computer against malware and virus issues. According to experts, antivirus programs are not a full-proof way to keep your computer from malware issues as they are also getting advanced over time.

Turning the Computer off Kills the Data

The worst ever thing that could happen when you turn off your PC and end up losing all the important data. This is not true as it might try retrieving all the lost information that you did not save.

Final Words

Computer servicing in Philadelphia is a must if you are to avoid costly repairs down the line. Learning about the myths would help you avoid rookie mistakes and take relevant steps while needed.

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