Common Network Issues That You Want To Know To Fix Them

Zcomputers, December 30, 2019


Sometimes, even with the best efforts, you could face network issues. If you are considering network repair in PA, probably you would want to know some of the most common network issues and how to take steps to resolve them to make the most of your network connection.

Here are some of the most common network issues:

Duplicate IP address

When two different devices take an attempt to share one single IP, it is common that you see an error that occurred, without having you to have no access to the internet.

How to fix: By just taking one simple action, you can prevent this to happen. Modifying the configuration of the router to start assigning DHCP addresses close to the subnet is the way to go.

IP address weariness

If you are faced with such an issue, make sure that you utilize the IP configuration command. In case the workstation has already assigned itself a new IP address, meaning that there was no address available from the DHCP server.

How to fix: It is imperative that every network that is internet-connected has a local router that is in operation associated with DHCP and NAT. this is for preventing an IP address to get wearied and also for security. Your router requires to be the device that is linked with the modem, while all the other devices are connected through your router.

DNS issues

Errors like “IP address cannot be found” or “the network path can not be found” are usually to happen and it could be simply due to a configuration issue of DNS.

How to fix: The local router is probably configured as a DNS server. When the network is busy, it could overload the abilities of your router. You can consider changing the DHCP setting of your network to access the DNS server directly.

Single workstation is incapable to connect to the internet network

In case a single workstation is showing the message “No Internet”, after opening your web browser, you could easily presume that there is no issue in the rest of your network.

How to fix: It would be best if you leave all the workstation settings to get automatically assigned. Just utilize the DHCP server to distribute an even configuration to all the devices.

The local network is not able to connect to the internet network

The hardest part of coping with an external network issue is to find the provider that is responsible for it. Sometimes, for certain business organizations, or individuals, intermittent network problems might lead to less productivity, which needs them to switch network providers.

How to fix: To ensure everything is under good working conditions, you might want to employ an A-grade service provider. Zcomputer Services is one of the leading network service providers that you can rely on. Whether you are a business organization or just want help with internet connection Philadelphia for your daily activities, we can have your back no matter the requirements.

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