Smart Ways to Free up Hard Disk Space On Windows

Zcomputers, January 2, 2020

The first thing that you need to know is about the hard drive on your computer. Well, a hard drive can be best described as the repository of all your digital documents on the computer. Documents like music, videos, pictures, applications along with the operating system which signifies the digital content that is stored on the drive. Moreover, hard drives can be external and internal simultaneously. Sometimes, making a partition in the hard drive or copy and pasting huge files repeatedly reduces the efficiency of the hard drives. Slow performance of the hard drive often becomes a reason to call computer repair and maintenance in Philadelphia.

Besides, hard drives are getting larger every day yet it seems like they fill up in the end. On the other hand, if you are using SSD or Solid State Drive, it offers less hard drive space compared to traditional mechanical drives. Zcomputer Services, LLC is a renowned company that supports small and big companies by providing computer repair and maintenance services. Also, computer virus repair often affects the hard disk which in turn leads to the removal of important files.

If you are worried about the lack of space in your hard drive then remember the tricks given below to free up space in your hard drive.

Uninstall Space Ravenous Applications

There are many applications on our computer which we hardly use but it was there from the beginning so we never cared about it. However, it is these applications that use up space in the hard drive which later makes us craving for space afterwards. Hence, go to the Programs and Features in Control Panel then click on the Size of the column to see the amount of space used by the applications in your hard drive. At the same time, a quick way to reach there is by searching for Uninstall Programs in the Start Menu.

Also, if you have Windows 10 then you can go to the System then to the Apps and Features which shows the details of the number of installing as well as provides for uninstalling the apps simultaneously.

Remove temporary files

Are you aware of the Windows’ Disk Cleanup tool? Well, it is a very useful app when it comes to erasing unnecessary files in the hard drive. However, it does not delete the caches of Chrome or Firefox browser which takes up somewhere around gigabytes of hard disk space in many cases. The truth is that the browser cache helps you in accessing the website in the future but it not comfortable when you are in urgent need of space right now.

Run Disk Cleanup

Do you know that Windows has a built-in tool which deletes temporary files along with other unimportant data from the computer? Well, to find it you need to right-click on the hard drives of your Computer and go to the properties. You will find Disk Cleanup option under the General tab. The next thing you need to do is select the type of files you want to delete and after you have selected them, click OK. At the same time, you can also clean up system files which do not appear in the list by clicking Cleanup System Files.

Once it is done, you can click on the More Options to click on the Cleanup button below the System Restore to remove the system restore data. What it does is that it deletes all the recent restore points and ensures that your computer is working perfectly fine.

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