5 Signs That Tells You That It Is Time To Format And Reinstall The Computer OS

In this digital world, everything is run by technology so it is hard to imagine how a large or small scale business can survive without the help of a well-equipped computer system. Ever since the internet has come to existence, the use of computers, whether it be a desktop or laptop, has become even more undeniably important.  However, like any other machine computers are subjected to more wear and tear and require computer repair and maintenance in Philadelphia from a reputable computer and IT services provider.

Regular maintenance will not only make business operations smooth but also extend the life of the computer system. The computer maintenance should be performed by a computer technician who knows everything about your computer. If the computers are regularly used then once every 3 months is an optimal interval for computer maintenance. The secret to the efficiency and continuity of a business based on computer technology is to have computer repair experts available when you need them.  Z Computers have highly trained technicians who can handle all sorts of computer problems. Their experience makes them the best in the field. You can rest assured that they know how to handle your equipment without compromising your files and system.

If you are dependent on your computer, you should know the signs that call for immediate attention.

If you find too many errors and virus

One of the most indicative sign that the system has virus and errors is when you notice pop-up windows coming up again and again. This happens because of corrupt files downloaded from the internet or flash drives that have not been scanned for viruses are used or connecting to an unchecked public network. This virus will corrupt the system and may even prevent files from opening or using the system properly. Formatting is one of the best options to remove all these and to ensure a virus and error-free computer.

If there is no space left on the hard drive

If you have the bad habit of saving all files in the hard drive without realising that it doesn’t have space after some time you will have no space for storing new files. It will take hours and hours to remove every unwanted file from the hard drive. But if you don’t make space on the hard drive, there are high chances that your hard drive will crash. So, it is advised that you format the system to rid the computer of unwanted files and save it.

There is no OS upgrade available in your system

Windows has come up with updated versions which are more reliable and packed with new features over the years. When you want to upgrade to a new version, you’ll have to format your computer. It is always a pleasure to have an operating system that is as good as new and have nothing on your hard drive.

If your computer is very slow

When the computer is performing very slowing and taking painstaking time to perform even simplest of actions, you need to get it checked by a professional computer maintenance firm. The system may have slowed due to many reasons, which may include a virus attack, in this scenario an upgrade of your operating system to the next level may not work, the speed might have been affected by one or more infected files in the system. In this case, if you opt for professional computer repair and maintenance in Philadelphia, the professionals will format your system to help bring back the original speed of your computer, but it also means losing your precious files.

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