An Internet Connection Which Does Not Need Any Phone Or Cable Wire

Zcomputers, July 26, 2019


What is a Wireless Internet Connection?

Wireless internet means wireless connectivity to the internet through radio waves instead of wires on an individual’s home computer, laptop, smartphone or any other similar mobile device. With the help of wireless internet connection, the days of aligning the computer with the land phone or cable are well behind us. Satellite ad electrical lines are also used for internet connectivity thus eliminating the need for installing cables further. Modern wireless internet service providing technologies are offering the user optimum internet speed of even up to 7 Mbps in certain cases. There are many service agencies that help with internet connection in Philadelphia to reach the modern wireless internet to people and offices.

Let us check out some essential aspects of the wireless internet connection which must be known by users before availing of the service.


Phone and cable companies were the original providers to help with an internet connection. But their services would require telephone or cable connection. Slowly with the advent of alternative internet connectivity, dependence on these traditional systems reduced considerably. Wireless and satellite providers originally existed only in the niche market even till 2017. But slowly the updated connectivity gained momentum and now many big and small businesses and even private users are choosing the wireless variety for its many benefits.

Delivery Options

There are umpteen varieties of ways by which service providers reach the internet to their users. Some use wireless delivery through radio waves received by a special modem or even a USB key connected to the computer. Others deliver the internet service through satellite, which can be picked up by a receiver or a modem connected to the computer. A satellite TV or the already existing power lines are other alternative ways for the user to receive the internet. A simple plugging in of the modem to any electrical device is enough to connect to the internet.


Irrespective of whether the service provider sends the internet signal through the phone line, electrical wires or satellite or radio waves a modem is required to receive the signal to process it through the computer. Many companies even have small keys looking like a jump drive which can be plugged into any USB port. They work in exactly the same manner like large modems receiving satellite- or radio-transmitted internet signals and putting them into the computer.


With the advent of wireless internet connectivity there comes the question of security. While sending and receiving wireless signals on the internet they can get pirated or intercepted. That at times can be dangerous if the data in question happens to be private. Here arises the need for a safeguarding technology like authentication, firewalls, and encryption. They are effectively used by wireless internet service providers to ensure their customers use the internet without leaking their personal information to hackers.

These are the essential aspects that a user must know about before availing of the wireless internet connection. Trust Z Computer Services to help set the same for you easily.

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