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Zcomputers, October 11, 2018

If you want to stay on top of the game in today’s business market, then nothing short of the best in technology will suffice. At ZComputer Services we believe in providing the most cutting-edge IT support required by businesses.

Regardless of whether you run a small-scale enterprise or a large one, ZComputer Services computer repair and maintenance in Philadelphia can grant you complete IT support in numerous aspects.

Network Configuration

We can help set up your private business network. A secure, private network that is capable of providing a good bandwidth upon requirement is a must-have for any business today. However, in order to facilitate a robust network you also need a reliable network infrastructure setup and configuration.

This is where we step in.  Zcomputer Services specializes in installing network infrastructure for the computer nodes in your business network. We set up the routers, the network switches, the cables, and the works to get your employees on the fast track to the latest conventions in business communication.

IT Infrastructure Setup

Z Computer Services is capable of providing all-encompassing IT support for businesses. In these times, a robust IT infrastructure is a defining characteristic for any business. Regardless of whether you are running a Web Development or designing enterprise or a commercial boutique, the need for electronic equipment, computing systems, IOT, and POS devices is real.

To meet these requirements, ZComputer Services provides professional IT support for clients. We provide tailor-made IT support for your business enterprise. In this regard, guaranteeing the security of your IT infrastructure is our responsibility as well. We also ensure your data and devices are protected from all forms of intrusion.

VOIP Telephony

Intra-office communications facilitate the acceleration of productivity. VOIP telephone systems are not only essential for internet telephony but video telephony and remote access as well. Thus, you need a professional telephony experts’ touch to help set up the telephony VOIP systems for your business.

ZComputer can provide consultation services for business clients who are looking to setup VOIP telephony for their employees. We can offer you a cost-benefit analysis to help you figure out whether investment in the facility can improve your work throughput, communication, and bottom-line.

Security Systems

Digital security systems are the next logical step in protecting your business premises from any form of intrusion. Be it your main entrance or your parking lot, ZComputer Services can offer your digital security system installations that protect your business address from intrusions, keep track of all entries and exits and monitors every doorway among other things.

The digital security systems we implement can help simplify the access to your premises. Our security systems can comprise of key fobs, badges, and codes. We can configure security cameras for surveillance in your home. Each of these cameras has an individual, secure IP and can help record high resolution surveillance footage of your premises.

Availing ZComputers Services can revolutionize the work process at your business. For IT support, computer repair and maintenance in Philadelphia, do not hesitate to contact us. We can assure you value for investment in our services.

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