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Zcomputers, October 11, 2018

A strong but flexible network architecture is one of the foundations of a productive business process. With a little help from ZComputer Services, businesses in Philadelphia can now upgrade the quality of their internal computer network. Regardless of whether you own a small business or a large one, you can overhaul your existing network and implement the latest conventions for better business operations.

Thanks to ZComputers business network expertise, losing your FTP data, slow bandwidth and poor internet connectivity are now a thing of the past.

Improved business network infrastructure

At ZComputers, our staffs always try to visualize what is best for the client’s business. That is why we are able to provide the most efficient network and computer servicing in Philadelphia for business enterprises. We perform every hardware related task that involves upgrading your network infrastructure, such as:

  • Running cables between computer nodes to set up a wired network
  • Setting up routers to facilitate a wireless network
  • Setup the network design and configuration
  • Training your staff to make the best of the infrastructure

Robust network security setup a skill-sharing

  • It is ZComputers job to ensure that your business network stays well defended against all kinds of intrusion, cyber-attack, etc.
  • We ensure our anti-malware and intrusion applications are updated to the latest version to grant you full security.
  • We help install your network servers and maintain them
  • We setup firewalls that monitor every activity that occurs within your network.
  • We setup e-mail clients on your client systems to ensure smooth
  • The staffs at ZComputers train your employees to make the best of the services.

Why you should choose ZComputers Services?

ZComputers Services are provided at a competitive price that is more affordable than most of the other prevailing IT support options in Philadelphia. It is not just a matter of ‘business’ for us, as your IT concerns are our responsibility.

At ZComputers, our staff is known for going out of their way to perform ensure they meet the client expectations with due diligence. Some of the unique attributes that define the quality of service you can avail from ZComputers, in terms of Network Infrastructure, are:

  • 24/ technical support availability- We always have a technician available to ensure they can provide support and troubleshooting whenever the need arises.
  • Microsoft certified experts- At ZComputers, we take pride in being Microsoft Certified Small Business Specialists; this helps us to ensure we offer the most productive and profitable insights for your business.


  • Providing the best solution- We tailor-make our network infrastructure services to ensure your business benefits the most from our efforts.


  • Frequent updates- We inform you from time to time about the status of the services, by monitoring them on your behalf against any kind of red flags.


  • Timely upgrades- We suggest and implement the best possible upgrades for the services you avail from us, to ensure your business network gets nothing but the best.

With over ten years’ worth of experience in providing reliable computer servicing in Philadelphia, ZComputers Services is the gift you should bestow on your business if you want to watch it flourish in no time.

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