How to Deal With Slow Internet Connection

Zcomputers, December 11, 2019

It can be really annoying to have a great Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection, but slow Internet speeds? Nothing can be annoying more than that. When it happens especially if you jump onto Wi-Fi access points at your local businesses, you are going to wish you could do anything to speed up the connection. Here are some suggestions to fix, troubleshoot or help with Internet connection.

Check Your Speed

The internet connection is sometimes slow as you are paying for crappy internet. Log onto the provider’s web site and find what plan you have and run a speed test. If what you have measured is close to what you are paying, then the network is working good and the internet plan isn’t very fast. So the best way to speed up will be to upgrade. If your plan is speedy and the connection is not, then it’s time to troubleshoot.

Give Hardware the Universal Fix

Before you curse your internet provider, give your router and modem a quick reset and see if it helps. Check other computers as well to see if the Internet is slow. If the problem happens on one computer, the problem is the computer, not your modem or router.

Don’t Worry About It

If you are lucky, you can get the internet speed back up to snuff quickly. If not, you can try a good spin on it. As long as your work isn’t too bandwidth, intensive, slow internet can make more productive. If Facebook takes a minute to load, you are less likely to pop over for a quick break when you are supposed to be working on that term paper.

Work Smarter

If you need to get the work done on a slow connection, then prioritize your tasks differently. Separate the tasks into bandwidth-heavy and light ones. Get the light ones done when you are on a slow connection and group the bandwidth, the heavy ones together so you can do them when you get a speedy connection. Remember about the apps offline modes. Some of them might require you to set this up in advance, but doing so will make sure that you will be able to access whatever you need when your connection is nonexistent or terrible.

Call Your Internet Provider

If you have gone through the necessary troubleshooting steps and the internet is slow, you have to call the Internet repair in Philadelphia and see if the problem is on their end. Don’t assume they have done something wrong ad treat your customer service representative with respect. You are more likely to get good results. While you are at it, you might want to see if you can get a better deal on your Internet especially if they have been giving wrong speed.

Fix Wi-Fi Signal

You may find that your internet and router are fine but your wireless signal is weak. It can cause slowdown or a latency filled browsing experience.  In this case, you may need to tweak, reposition and boost your router with few tricks.

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