How to Protect Your Computer from Malware Infection?

Zcomputers, November 12, 2019


Problems related to a computer virus or any sort of malware is a very common thing now. It is not only annoying or frustrating but also time-consuming at the same time. When your computer suddenly stops working or slows down every other day, the one thing we all suspect is a virus infection. There are chances that it might be a virus or it can be malware infection that has slowed down your computer.

Moreover, the worst cases are the malware programs made by the hackers that not only take control of your browser but also your computer in many cases.

Zcomputer Service Engineers are Microsoft Certified experts who are reputed for their computer skills and computer servicing in Philadelphia. If you want to stay away from such viruses affecting your computer then you need to work on the following practices from now on.

Install anti-virus now

Before it gets late, install anti-virus software now. You might think that most people have an anti-virus installed on their computer but there still exists a group of people who don’t have anti-virus protection. Even it is a normal thing to do but those of you have suffered from virus issues in your pc, make sure to have this protection in your computer to keep it safe from malware infection. Those who take anti-virus installation casually are the ones who search for PC repair in Philadelphia.

Update your anti-virus

It is good that you have the anti-virus installed in your computer but do you update it regularly? There are also many amongst us who have anti-virus in their computer but they do not know that it requires updating or else it is useless. Well, the anti-virus companies make new software to prevent virus infection but it is also true that virus also evolves with time and if you don’t update your software then it won’t be able to protect your computer anymore. If you have Windows then you have granted access but you must buy the Windows license key to enjoy this virus protection without any hassle. It is also one of those virus-prevention programs that many of us do not know.

Run scheduled scans frequently

This practice is also nothing but many forget to do this and later realises their mistake later. The computer specialists recommend running scanning of the entire computer, once in every week. Furthermore, it is advised to keep a short gap between two scans to ensure the safety of your pc. Working on a computer with the anti-virus software running behind is difficult. That is why it is better to run the software at night when you will be sleeping. Hence, make sure to select a day in every week when the computer will run all night and will not shut down automatically nor go into hibernation at the same time.

Apart from the above-given facts, you should be careful about clicking in every link that arrives via mail in your inbox. Sometimes, the hacker does this intentionally so that they can gain access to your computer for pursuing evil intentions.

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