Things We Don’t do to Protect Our Computer from Scams and Viruses

Zcomputers, November 15, 2019

In the current times, many people are getting caught in online scams that are infecting computers with viruses. Even a warning was issued by the Government authorities to remain alert because many online computer scams are disturbing the lives of people every day.

What happens is you get a call from a person claiming to be a computer expert and they say that your computer is sending error messages to the web which they have identified is happening because of a virus in your computer. They ask for remote access of your computer to install an anti-virus as well as they ask your card details to get paid for providing this service. In the end, they not only install the virus on your computer plus take money from you crookedly.

The simple way to stay away from these kinds of scams is to reject calls that ask for your card details in return of fixing a problem in your computer. However, there are also other ways of keeping your computer safe from viruses and malware through the following practices.

Is your software up to date?

Before the day comes when you have to search for computer virus repair service, make sure to take care of your computer, starting from today. In that case, it is always advised by the computer experts to keep the software’s updated so that the viruses cannot affect your computer. Many times, the major software makers like the Microsoft and the Oracle release a certain update to fix a security glitch which hackers could have used to damage computers with viruses. Those users who keep track of regular software updates are the ones who never need to search for computer repair and maintenance in Philadelphia.

Don’t click on unknown links

If you have received an email from an unknown person with a link then avoid clicking on it. These are tricks by hackers to send malware in your computer or even get inside your computers to use it in terms of their advantage. According to Microsoft, 44.8 percent of the computer problems are related to virus infections originating from unknown links that the user has clicked unknowingly.

Free anti-virus software

It is not necessary to always buy the antivirus as you can also use the annual subscription in order to ensure the latest virus protection of your computer. Microsoft Security Essentials is free for Windows users as well as Avast are another anti-virus program that offers the same security benefits.

Back up your memory

Make sure to regularly back up your information to avoid any loss of data in the future. There are many users who fall under this category and these people face most problems when they lose their data due to some virus or technical accidents. Accidents like hard drive failure to the virus infection as well as many other things can lead to loss of important data in your computer. In other words, if you think that losing your data will cause you lots of problems then make sure to back up your data every day.

On a concluding note, protecting your computer from viruses is an easier path than it was before plus it doesn’t cost anything in the current times. Hence, take your time to protect your data before a virus enters and destroys everything on your computer.

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