Top 6 Tips on Making your Internet Connection Faster

Zcomputers, October 15, 2019


In this tech-savvy world, people find it difficult to think a day without internet. Dealing with a slow internet connection is something that needs lots of patience. Slow internet connection is frustrating and can affect big time. Be it slow video streaming, buffering, or slow downloading, or lagging in playing, slow internet is as overwhelming as it can get.

Having a slow connection can ruin a lot of valuable time or make you feel disgusted. So, before seeking professional assistance in internet repair in Philadelphia, maybe you want to go through the important steps to fix it on your own. Here is the rundown of some important tips on how to speed up the internet to enjoy smooth surfing.


Use the Right Wireless Channel

Some routers share the same channel, which could jam the channel, resulting in a slow network connection. This is why you need to make sure that you are using a channel having a limited number of routers. For this, you can use some web applications, which will allow you to know what channels are available in the range of your device. Also, you can alter the channel of the router on the router’s administration page.

Change the Existing DNS Server

Computer devices pick Domain Name Server (DNS) spontaneously.  However, it is possible that it chooses a bad DNS, resulting in slow information processing. To avoid this, you can manually find a suitable DNS to help with an internet connection. Once you are done choosing the right server, go to the device’s DNS settings to change the default information into the one that your new DNS server has.

Transform the Router to a Repeater

It is possible to reuse your old router to improve the Wi-Fi signal range. There are sine routers having repeaters functions, others require a little configuration. If your router can be used as a repeater, then it may help your Wi-Fi to reach the least possible areas.

Clear Some Space

The computer you are using may be facing some clogging issues because of the unnecessary information stored in it. You can improve the internet connection by deleting some temporary internet files, cache as well as cookies. If you are a windows user, you can clear up some data from Control Panel.

Restrict Background Activity

Sometimes, some programs may be running in the background, which could cause a lack in the server, resulting in bad connectivity and speed. When you are facing slow internet connection issue, make sure to check if there are any unnecessary programs remaining open. Stop them then and there to improve the connectivity.

Call Up a Professional   

Maybe you are still facing slow connectivity issue, and want to have it fixed fast, you may want to call and employ a reliable service provider who will give you the right guidance on improving the internet connection. Maybe it is the time to consider a new connection that a professional can assure you with.

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