5 Cloud Phone System Benefits For Your Business

Zcomputers, April 12, 2019


Is your outdated phone system limiting your flow of communication? Maybe its time to explore options to keep your business competitive in this modern age. Cloud-based business telephone systems in Philadelphia offer useful, innovative features that improve collaboration and productivity in your business. Here are 5 reasons why savvy business owners are shifting to the cloud phone system.

  1. Cost Less

In a cloud phone system, there is a high amount of cost saving. Cost based communications are cost-effective for businesses as you don’t need to pay up-front for expensive and heavy installations. When you host your system on the Internet, you will be charged on a usage basis only. You only need to pay for hostage space and the bandwidth you require. It also offers access to high-end features and upgrades for minimal to no cost.

  1. Offer Rich Features

Cloud-based phone system provides a variety of features to its users like advanced email, automatic attendants and voicemail options and also many unified communication options. It also offers features like traffic shaping that is useful in preserving bandwidth and also helps in ensuring reliability and call quality. Cloud phones also connect with two different on-site Internet circuits which are really useful for providing backup.

  1. Flexible

Cloud phone system can benefit your business with access to latest voice features without any hardware updates. No matter your business is downsizing or growing, a cloud service can provide flexibility with your business needs now and also for future growth.

  1. Easily Scaled

Any business aims to scale and so should their phone system. Anyone who had to move an on-premise or expand phone system, they will know the degree of difficulty involved. Lots of careful moving, equipment and manpower of large hardware. Phone system in the cloud is quickly and easily organized. The only shifting that is required of cables or handsets without any extra burden on your business IT department.

  1. Decreased Time to Value

With cloud phone services, time to value is less than on-site phone services and applications. Not only the implementation time decreases, but also the IT resources that are required to roll out the cloud solution are significantly less. Suppose you have a Silicon Valley startup and you need to get on the phone to call prospects or potential investors, cloud-based system will provide a faster avenue to this. When you grow and hire another team member, their phone system can be set up immediately. You just need to call someone cloud business phone installation to have the same features and functionality to grow your business.

Communications is far too important to leave to just any provider or Telephone system. Zcomputer Services has been installing and supporting the newest telephones for years. We will find the perfect system to fit your needs. Our consultants can work with you to do a cost-benefit analyst of your needs today and the future. With the newer technology, your remote users will seem like they’re in the same room with you. They will be able to answer incoming calls and page one another. This level of efficiency will improve your bottom line.

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